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LFP City Council

The following is a summary of the LFP City Council regular meeting on April 11, 2024. AI performed this summary from a voice recording of the meeting. Thus, the translation isn't 100% accurate. 

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Presentation by King County Metro
- Introduction of Luke and David from King County Metro.
- Presentation about Longwood wing connections and precircles.
- Discussion about the previous meeting at the seashore.

Metro Service Planning Group Meeting
- Discussion about the Limit of the Lake Connection project.
- Recap of the final round of public engagement.
- Planning for the next steps in the project.

Metro Network Changes and Community Engagement
- Metro received almost 4000 survey responses during phase 3 engagement.
- Lake Forest Park and other jurisdictional partnerships helped with community outreach.
- Metro attended local events to connect with riders at transit locations and community spaces.

Metro System Engagement and Changes
- Received positive feedback from phase 3 engagement.
- Changes made to the network between phases 2 and 3.
- Wanted to see how people viewed the changes in connectivity.

Network Changes in North Seattle Area
- Positive responses to network changes in North Seattle, Shoreline, and North Shore.
- Mountlake Terrace area received 59% positive, 16% neutral, and 25% negative responses.
- Shoreline area had the highest positive responses with 70% and lowest negative responses with 14%.

Mobility Board's Role in Metro Projects
- Metro considers large-scale projects as mobility projects and establishes a mobility board comprising local residents.
- The board reviews engagement results, prioritizes areas for improvement, and selects preferred alternatives.
- The final phase of engagement involves the board identifying essential factors for their approval of the network.

Improving Public Transportation Network
- Identified areas for network improvement.
- Prioritized continuous service on Meridian Avenue and shoreline, increased weekend frequency on two routes, and improved access to Southlake Union.

Enhancements to Public Transportation Network
- New short route added in the approved network.
- Increased frequency on routes 7 and 75 in Shoreline on Meridian.
- New routes implemented to serve Southlake Union and First Hill.

Enhanced Public Transportation Services
- Public transportation services have improved with increased frequency and extended hours.
- Weekend services have increased by 32%, and late-night services after 10 PM have increased by 43%.
- The overall increase in trips is approximately 9%, resulting in shorter waiting times and improved convenience for commuters.

Christmas Transit Service Expansion
- Christmas transit service expansion plans discussed.
- Focus on serving priority populations and community destinations.
- Substantial increase in service hours expected after implementation.

Lake Forest Park's Modern Life Service
- The network aims to improve east-west connectivity in Lake Forest Park.
- An extension of Route 3:31 will connect to the Sound Transit light rail station.
- The service will also extend further east to serve the Laurelhurst area.

Route 330 Evening Service Extension
- Route 330 will run later into the evening to better connect with Link services.
- The roundabout 320, which is currently suspended, will be deleted and replaced by route 322 to serve South lake union.
- Route 322 also connects to Northgate Station.

Metro Class Improvement
- Metro class improvement by using smaller vehicles like vans and minivans.
- Providing key service improvements where there was no existing transit service.
- Looking at the metro flex zone covering North Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, and Terrace.

Flex Zones for Public Transportation
- Flex zones are established to serve areas with limited public transportation options.
- Smaller vehicles are used in these zones to navigate narrow streets.
- Riders can book trips through an app and travel anywhere within the zone.

Accessible Shared Ride Service
- Shared ride service with 15 minutes or less wait time.
- Bike racks and accessible vehicles available.
- Can use work card for payment and seamless transfer to regular bus routes.

Forest Park Transit Improvements
- Improvements to Forest Park's transit system are underway.
- New route 72 will replace part of the current route along South 145th Street.
- Collaboration with transit partners continues.

Intersection Improvement at Seaway and Northeast 141st Street
- The city is exploring potential staff improvements and working with instruments to develop central solutions.

Metro Service Guidelines and Transit Timeline
- Metro Council adopted service guidelines guide investment decisions to address crowding.
- Complete monitoring service is used to monitor implemented routes and respond to crowding.
- Tracking ongoing transit timeline related to potential provisions.

Transit Route Changes in 2025
- Route 372 will be replaced by route 72, and route 522 will be revised.
- Route 77 will be implemented to connect Lake City and the new district.
- Route 65 will be shifted out of 21st and 45th streets.

Extension of Route 331 and Opening of Water Station
- Route 331 will be extended to Bottle and Lake Sammamish.
- The extension is part of the second phase of changes associated with the opening of the water station.
- Sound Transit will also open its station in the area.

Preparing for upcoming changes
- Focus on messaging and providing information to help people adjust to upcoming changes.
- Work with the community to understand their travel patterns and get them acclimated to the changes.
- Ensure a smooth transition and give people enough time to adjust to the new changes.

Concerns Raised Over Restructure of Metro Services
- Expressed dissatisfaction with the restructuring of metro services, particularly in the Bothell Way corridor.
- Noted the reduction in bus frequencies from 8 to 6 buses per hour.
- Voiced displeasure despite the approval of changes by the King County Council.

Reduction in Bus Stops
- Bus stops are being reduced by 40% in the neighborhood near the intersections of 145th and [illegible] 
- LFP is going to see a 62% reduction in bus service.
- The speaker disagrees with the claim that people don't want to transfer to get between the Northshore and [illegible].

Detour Causing Longer Travel Times and Driving Increase
- Detour requires a 1/2 mile detour and longer travel times.
- Families and neighbors considering driving more due to increased walking and transferring time.
- Need to collaborate with metro to address the 145th and [illegible] intersection.

Metro Service Degradation
- Metro service changes will result in longer travel times and reduced frequency.
- The speaker, a frequent metro rider, will be personally impacted by the changes.
- Questions raised about the lack of bus service in the Ballinger Way and Volunteer Way area.

Metro Flex Zone Expansion Feedback
- Feedback received to expand the metro flex zone.
- Larger zone makes it difficult to provide reliable service.
- Future expansion will be considered, but current zone remains the same.

Metro Flex Zones and 522 Rapid Transit
- Metro Flex Zones are in high demand and growing steadily.
- Feedback will be passed onto Metro.
- The 522B rapid transit is expected to open in 2025, increasing transit numbers by 28%.

Impact of Link Light Rail Extension on Traffic
- Extension of Link Light Rail may lead to increased traffic in some areas.
- Redmond and Bellevue may gain more routes, but other areas may lose.
- The speaker expresses concern about the negative impact on their community.

Changes in Public Transportation
- Link light rail will have increased frequency between Seattle and Lynwood, but bus routes 25 and 28 will be discontinued.
- The 522 bus will operate along the same route as the BRT from 2025 to 2028, but with different vehicles, stations, and possibly frequency.
- The speaker expresses confusion about the changes.

Concerns about the Proposed Plan
- Council members express dissatisfaction with the proposed plan.
- They feel the plan does not adequately address their concerns, including the loss of bus stops and reduced service.
- A question was raised about the MetroFlex program and its service area.

Metro Services
- The direct bus route to the speaker's father's office at Kane Hall and the University of Washington is being discontinued.
- The community is losing out on transportation options amidst expansion in other areas.

Concerns about the [illegible] bus route change
- The [illegible] bus route change will increase travel times for university students and staff.
- This may lead to more people driving, which will increase traffic congestion.
- The speaker expresses concern about the negative impact of the route change on the community.

Public Feedback on Service Changes
- Service changes approved by King County Council.
- Will monitor system for overloads and public feedback.
- Aiming to provide best service for Lake Forest Park and Northend area.

City Council's Safe Speed Study
- The city council requested a city-wide safe speed study to assess current speed limits and make recommendations.
- The study was conducted by [illegible] and presented to the council in December 2022.
- The final safe speed study and staff recommendations are presented for acceptance.

Transportation Planning and Speed Limit Changes
- John [illegible] from Transpose Group presented key findings and recommendations from a study on potential speed limit changes in the city.
- The study aimed to manage consistency and set appropriate speed limits to promote safe speeds across the city.
- The presentation highlighted the evaluation of multiple speed limit changes simultaneously.

Setting Speed Limits
- Speed limits should be consistent to avoid driver confusion and account for other characteristics.
- Vehicle speed is directly linked to crash severity.
- A small increase in speed can significantly affect pedestrians and cyclists.

Speed Limit on Arterial and Collector Roadways
- Arterial and collector roadways in the city have a speed limit of 25 to 35 miles per hour.
- 80% of these roadways are signed at 25 miles per hour.
- The study focused on minor arterials and collectors, excluding principal arterials and state routes.

Revising Speed Limit Setting Methodology
- Identified 3 options for setting speed limits in Lake Forest Park.
- Option 1: Continue using the 85th percentile speed methodology.
- Option 2: Use information from the city limits document tailored to Lake Forest Park roadways.

New Publication on Roadway Speed Limits
- The US government's transportation department released an updated publication on traffic control devices.
- Evaluation showed only two roadway segments remained at 30 miles per hour under a specific methodology.
- Recommending a default speed limit for all arterials and collectors to reduce confusion and treat all roadways the same.

Setting Speed Limits and Traffic Calming Measures
- Setting a 25 mph speed limit on all arterial collector streets with 3 or more stops.
- Considering traffic calming measures on Northeast 195th Street and 40th Place.
- Taking a comprehensive approach to addressing vehicle speeds and setting limits.

Proposal to Reduce Speed Limits in the City
- Recommendation to implement additional traffic calming measures in certain areas.
- Lowering speed limits on local access streets and residential roadways to 20 miles per hour.
- The proposal aims to enhance safety on approximately 39 miles of public roadways in the city.

Modifying Speed Limits in Salt Lake City
- Salt Lake City changed speed limits on local roadways a few years ago.
- The city should provide outreach to the community about the reasons for the modifications.
- Communication channels should be used to inform residents about the changes.

Suggestions for Effective Speed Limit Implementation
- Targeted enforcement, grace periods, and education are crucial for successful speed limit changes.
- Review and align traffic calming policies, funding, and allocations to ensure consistency with new speed limits.
- Despite measures, some drivers may still disobey the speed limits.

Discussion on Traffic Calming Measures
- Evaluate the postal speed limits on state routes.
- Implement additional traffic calming measures in certain locations.
- This process has been ongoing for over two years.

Discussion on Road Speed Limit
- The default speed limit for arterials and collectors is 25 miles per hour.
- Some arterials can have modified speed limits.
- Still waiting for feedback from WSDOT regarding Sr 522 and 104.

Lowering Speed Limits
- The speed limit on some roads to be lowered from 40 to 35 miles per hour.
- The change will take effect after the completion of a repaving project.
- The goal is to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Council Member Lebo's Request for Traffic Calming Measures
- Council member Lebo asked to identify potential areas for additional traffic calming on 40th Place Northeast and [illegible] Street.
- It is unclear if other cities have consistent speed limits.
- Agencies often take the lead in implementing traffic calming measures, and others may follow suit.

Neighborhood Collector Reclassification
- Reclassification of neighborhood collectors as local roads is possible through comprehensive plan updates.
- Criteria are used to determine reclassification.

Discussion on Roadway Classification
- Roadway classification can be arbitrary and may vary based on location and comprehensive plan.
- Factors such as land use and serving corridors can influence classification.
- Specific traffic calming measures for two roads are requested.

Discussion on Road Speed Limits
- Discussing potential speed limit changes on certain roads.
- Considering lowering the speed limit on 25th Street and 55th Avenue from 30 mph to 25 mph.
- Unclear if both directions will be affected or if it will be different for northbound and southbound traffic.

Discussion on Speed Limit Changes
- Confusion about speed limit changes on a road shared with another jurisdiction.
- Need to determine ownership or jurisdiction of the road to make changes.
- Excited about the overall project despite the confusion.

Proposal to Study Speed Limits on 145th Street
- A proposal to study speed limits on 145th Street was made.
- The study will consider the same criteria used for local roads.
- Concerns were raised about the cost and effectiveness of the study.

Proposal for Transportation Study
- Proposing a motion to study two state routes using the same criteria as the [illegible] project.
- Concerned about finances and wants to wait for a response from Washington before proceeding.
- Councilman Lebo shares the concern and wants to proceed [illegible]

Discussion on traffic safety measures
- Concerned about safety issues and pedestrian unfriendliness in two locations.
- Considering the possibility of a speed study to lower speed limits.
- Mindful of the financial implications and traffic camera issues.

Proposal for Traffic Calming Measures
- Deputy mayor suggested combining traffic cameras with traffic calming measures.
- Traffic study is needed to install traffic cameras.
- Request to set a deadline for the traffic study.

Discussion on traffic studies and speed limit
- Traffic studies and transport [illegible] disagree with the speed limit set by the WSDOT.
- Challenges faced in getting a response from the director of WSDOT.
- Political influence is suspected in the determination of the speed limit.

Discussion on Traffic Camera Installation
- Need to install traffic cameras on Ballinger Way and SR 104.
- Conduct speed studies to support the installation.
- Authority for traffic cameras comes from [illegible]

Discussion on pedestrian safety
- Need to find additional resources for pedestrian safety.
- Will conclude the discussion and bookmark the conversation.
- Thanked John for his valuable contribution to the community.

Discussion on Safe Speed Study
- Administration to present a basic proposal within a week.
- Motion to accept the presented version of the safe speed study is made.

Discussion on Adopting Safe Speed Study Recommendations
- Council discussed accepting the safe speed study's recommendations for reducing speed limits.
- The study suggests setting a blanket speed limit of 25 mph for minor roads and 20 mph for local streets.
- Public Works Department will handle the physical changes to the speed limit signs.

County's Request to Change Signage
- King County requested a sign change, primarily for scientific reasons.
- The main concern is the cost of changing the signs.
- Education and additional signage will be provided to ensure a thoughtful rollout.

Community Decadence Project Update
- Seeking public feedback on reasonable project timeline and cost.
- Considering transition period for the public.

Discussion on Traffic Speed Camera Installation
- Timeline for installing speed cameras on major arterials is being discussed.
- Need to coordinate with the mayor to ensure compatibility with ongoing speed studies.
- Considering sending a letter from the council and mayor to expedite the process.

Discussion on Resource Allocation
- Need to discuss resource allocation for several upcoming projects.
- Will present resource opportunities at the next pencil meeting and provide a firmer plan at the first council meeting in May.
- Will work with council leadership to determine the best times for these discussions.

Discussion on Traffic Camera Implementation
- Police department's perspective should be considered.
- Timing should be aligned with school zone camera operation to simplify matters.
- Urgency is recognized, but progress should not be hindered.

Approval of 2023-2025 Municipal Storm Water Capacity Grant
- Request for approval of 2023-2025 Department of Ecology Municipal Storm Water Capacity Grant.
- Grant agreement execution authorization for the Mayor.
- First step in the process.

City's Compliance with NPDS Permit
- The city manages a municipal storm sewer system and must adhere to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.
- A $130,000 Fish grant was received for the 2023-2025 cycle, with a $25,000 increase from the previous grant.
- In September 2023, the council allocated $38,492 from the grant to fund an amendment to a professional services agreement with Aspect Consulting to ensure compliance with the NPDES grant.

Discussion on Budget and Expenses
- Discussed the remaining budget of $90,000 after allocating $40,000.
- [illegible] might have charged an expense to the budget.

Exploring the Use of Grant for Water Quality Monitoring
- City's commitment to managing natural resources.
- Considering using grant for water quality monitoring.
- Community meeting scheduled to discuss the matter further.

Discussion on Grant Acceptance
- Grant acceptance is being discussed.
- Waiting for the 3 touch rule is considered unnecessary.
- No urgency to approve the grant immediately.

Council Meeting Discussion
- Discussion about waiving the 3 touch rule to improve efficiency.
- Appreciation for the mayor's statement about having a lot to accomplish.
- Recognition of the value staff puts into preparing materials.

Discussion on Resolution 20/04/1949
- The 3 touch rule on resolution 20/04/1949 was suspended.
- Staff time was considered in the decision.
- The motion to adopt the resolution was proposed and seconded.

Discussion on Resolution 24
- Resolution 24 of the Washington State Department of College was discussed and approved.
- There was a brief discussion before the unanimous approval.
- The meeting was then adjourned for a short recess.

Postponement of Agenda Items
- Motion to postpone Ordinance 8C and Resolution 20:04 19:48 to the next council meeting.
- Recommendation to postpone Council Committee Report Item 12 to the next regular council meeting.
- All postponements are made to prioritize other business.

Discussion on Scheduling and Agenda Items
- Need to resolve two remaining items: resolution 20/04/1950 and executive session.
- Will work with vice chair to find suitable times to address these items.
- Agenda item 8C will be signed and California reports will be presented at a later meeting.

Resolution to Amend Professional Services Agreement
- Resolution to amend the professional services agreement between Safe Force Park and SGJ Alliance for the 2024 periodic update.
- The current scope of work for the contract includes quality Exhibit A French through December 20, 2024.
- The city has been awarded and accepted an additional grant.

Amending Existing Professional Services Agreement
- Amending existing professional services agreement with SEJ for work on middle housing hospital.
- Extending the work completion date to June 25th and increasing compensation by $50,000.
- Considering waiving the 3 touch rule due to the nature of the amendment.

Urgent Scope of Work Meeting
- Consultant to start work immediately due to ongoing project.
- Grants deal with policy and development regulations, making it difficult to separate conversations.
- [illegible] needs the scope of work meeting as soon as possible to avoid affecting their timeline.

Amendment of Contract
- Discussion on amending a contract between the city of Lake Forest Park and sj alliance.
- Proposal to waive the 23 touch rule for a specific resolution.
- Motion to suspend the 3 touch rule for discussion.

Resolution Adoption and Executive Session
- Resolution 20/04/1950 was proposed for adoption, authorizing the mayor to sign the First Amendment to professional services agreement between the city and SCJ Alliance for the 2024 update of the comprehensive plan [illegible] housing.
- The resolution passed unanimously.
- The city manager's report was available in the packets, and the meeting moved into executive session.

Discussion on Real Property Acquisition
- Discussion on possible acquisition of real property for RCW 42.30.
- Executive session lasted for 40 minutes and 55 minutes.
- The meeting was adjourned.

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