LFP Town Crier Endorses Deputy Mayor, Tom French, For Mayor


Our current mayor, Jeff Johnson, has been at his post for eight years. He said this at the October 9th, 2023, city council and mayoral candidate forum at Third Place Books: "We can't cut anymore. There's no more cuts, folks. I'm gonna be serious. If I'm not your mayor, I'm not your mayor; I'm not your mayor. The reality is, its not working. We can't cut your police department. It's gonna be on us; we're gonna have to work together and figure out a plan to take this thing forward. It's not easy, but it's disheartening sometimes because we could use so much more if we had the ability. I will say this right now, there is no more room to cut. There just isn't, and it's a tough reality but if you love this city as much as I do, we're gonna have to be willing to work together to move this thing forward and get it into [a] more stable financial situation. Thank you."

One notable comment from Councilmember French at the October 9th, 2023, city council and mayoral candidate forum was met with applause from the crowd: "We believe in this community, I believe, that it's essential for us to have an understanding of everyone, and to be welcoming [and] compassionate. That's what the Charter For Compassion states. "

The following is Councilmember French's candidate introduction letter: 

"Greetings all. I am Tom French, candidate for Mayor of LFP. I am an active Councilmember, now serving as Deputy Mayor, Council Chair, and Chair of Budget Committee. I am a lifelong community member and supporter of our schools, now raising my young daughter here.

For years, I have been a leader advocating for our community, environment, and quality of life. When Town Center faced active proposals for 700-1000 housing units, threatening LFP’s community hub and small businesses, I listened to you and took action. I spearheaded and established a moratorium for that development. The result was a balanced plan instead, preserving our community and green spaces while allowing reasonable density.

I’ve advocated for other successful environmental efforts, including conservation of our tree canopy and streams, and facilitated funding for our new lakefront park. I managed LFP finances through the turbulent pandemic period, channeling federal funds to community partners/businesses. I am a passionate advocate for sidewalks and pedestrian safety. I am currently overseeing efforts for lower SR522 speed limits and challenging Sound Transit to listen and downscale their massive concrete and asphalt designs.

I want to step up and provide fresh, active leadership as your Mayor. It’s time for a change, as LFP faces new challenges: equity and tolerance, affordable housing, climate action, transit development, public safety, and fiscal stability.

I will be a leader who reaches out to you, listens to you, and takes meaningful action for our community and quality of life. I will be a leader with skill and vision, dedicated to positioning LFP for the future that my daughter and your children will see.

I’m endorsed by King County and 1st District Democrats, LFP community leaders, current and former council members, and many neighbors. Please vote for me by November 7.


Tom French



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