Community Awareness of Individual Regarding Behavior Around Children


Person of interest, Alexander Hardisty, provided by SSD412

Per Shoreline Public School Public Information Office, "A  man has been showing up at places with children in our area, including the Francis Anderson Center & Edmonds Heights (in Edmonds School District), Kings School, Brookside Elem, and the LFP Civic Club."

Per the LFP Civic Club, "on Sunday May 12th, a suspicious person was noticed on the premise of our club and escorted off the property by one of our senior staff members. The same person returned at a later date and when he noticed staff approaching, he quickly exited and ran down the Burke Gilman Trail. Police were notified of the concerning trespass. The Police quickly found the individual near LFP Town Center and issued a formal NO-Trespass Warning for the Civic Club to this individual. 

At that time the individual was identified and we believe him to possibly be the same individual being investigated by Edmonds Police for concerning behavior around children. Please see the article referenced below for more information regarding the Edmonds investigation after the no-trespass was issued, it is believed that this person was later seen on the Lyons Creek Dock, possibly photographing children in the LFPCC swim area."

The LFP Police Department has advised if you see this individual around schools or children, call 911 without hesitation. Reference Case #2024-3456

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From LFP Civic Club
From LFP Civic Club
From LFP Civic Club
Alleged suspect. SOURCE: Edmonds Police Department.
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