Catholic Priest Disagrees With Homosexuality "With all my heart and soul", Terminates Popular Gay Teacher



A petition on calls Karen Pala “a beloved teacher” and says the parish priest, Father Brad Hagelan, did not renew her contract for next year “on grounds of her sexual orientation and upcoming marriage to her partner.”


According to KIRO 7, when describing her meeting with Father Brad to several others in person, she said it was because she is openly gay.

“The priest said, ‘We are not renewing your contract because you are going on record as being gay by marrying your partner. It is public record,'” Whitney Hicks, a parent of a student at St. Luke’s Catholic School, told KIRO 7, relaying the teacher’s message.

“And you disagree with that?” KIRO 7’s Briseida Holguin asked.

“Yes, with all my heart and soul,” Hicks answered.

Whitney Hicks, the creator of the online petition, wrote, “This action is not only discriminatory but also violates the principles of equality and justice that we hold dear in our community. It also violates the covenants of the Archdiocese that “[we] affirm that all forms of unjust discrimination, prejudice, or violent attack upon individuals because of their sexual orientation or identity are utterly incompatible with the message of the Gospel and have no place in Catholic schools or parishes.”

As of this writing, there are 1,231 signatures calling for Miss Pala's reinstatement. According to the Professional Educator Standards Board of WA, a shortage of elementary educators is second on the list of 23 shortfalls. Hicks goes on to state, "This decision by Father Brad sends a harmful message to our students about acceptance and inclusivity."

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