Ever thought about solar?


LFP residents are you interested in finding out about putting solar on your roof?

Installing solar can be confusing. The technical details can be complicated. Which are the best and most reliable installers?

If only there was a group purchasing program that could reduce costs and help solarize homes. There is. It is called Solarize Kenmore and Lake Forest Park resident can participate.

What is Solarizing Kenmore?

Solarize Kenmore is a group purchasing program to make going solar simple, accessible and secure. The program works with vetted installers who use made-in-Washington panels. When you sign up you get a free home assessment, and a locked-in price at the group purchasing rate. Interested residents can sign up for a site assessment to take advantage of this program through July 4, 2024.

Can LFP residents join the Solarizing Kenmore project?


How does it work?

The Solarize group purchasing model is a way to reduce costs. With many people scheduled to install equipment the installers can purchase in bulk.

Once you sign up you will receive:

• Free home assessment

• Discounted prices

• Made-in-Washington equipment

• Save money on your electric bill

• Become a Clean energy generator

• 30% Federal tax credit

How do I sign up?

Visit solarizekenmore.org, fill out the information form and one of the authorized Solarize installers will contact you to schedule a free solar assessment.

Am I obligated to complete the process if I begin it?

No, the installers will provide an estimate during the site assessment, but participants may decide to end the process or to contract for installation.

Is there a deadline?

Yes, interested participants must sign up for a site assessment by July 4, 2024 in order to take advantage of this program.

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