Lot owner proposes zoning variance to build close to stream



By Jolene Jang

  • A developer is proposing to build on a critical area 12 feet from a stream that normally requires a 115-foot buffer 
  • This project seeks a "variance" from city codes, essentially bypassing environmental regulations meant to protect sensitive areas.
  • If approved, this sets a dangerous precedent for future development and could lead to increased flooding, landslides, and habitat destruction.

The following LFP codes would need to potentially be waived:

  • 16.16.130 Mitigation sequencing
  • 16.16.290 Landslide hazard areas
  • 16.16.310 Steep slope hazard areas
  • 16.14.030 Definitions. Critical root zones
  • 16.16.355 Streams
  • 16.24.250 Development in floodplains
  • 16.16.290 Landslide hazard areas
  • 16.16.320 Wetlands
  • 16.16.380 Fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas.
  • 16.24.100 Soil and erosion control

How You Can Make A Difference

  1. Write to the city planner urging them to uphold the environmental code. nholland@cityoflfp.gov It would be great to hear from arborists, geotechs, soil scientists, biologists, habitat restoration and environmental planners.
  2. Attend the upcoming hearing (details to be confirmed – likely April/May).

Website with expert comments, see background information, example comments. 

Latest Plans for the builder, city and citizens.

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