BY: Kim Josund
Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation
Feb. 3rd, 2024

Someone illegally dumped a truckload of old tires at Grace Cole Nature Park in Lake Forest Park (16735 30th Ave NE) late last night. The tires were reported by park neighbors early the morning of February 1 st . There are estimated to be 50-100 tires dumped. This is not just an illegal eyesore, it is an environmental hazard. Some of the tires landed in the wetland area which drains to salmon-bearing Brookside Creek and eventually to McAleer and Lake WA.

This illegal dumping was reported to the LFP Police and the City Public Works Department is working to clean up the mess. If you live in the area, have security camera footage or saw anything possibly related to this incident, please call the LFP Police.

Old tires contain chemicals, including known carcinogens and salmon killing 6-PPD- quinone, and heavy metals that leach into the environment as the tires break down. Leaching affects the soil around the old tire, which at first may not seem like a big problem. But even after the tire is moved, the soil could still contain toxins. If toxins get into any water in the soil, the water can transport them to other locations, potentially harm to any animals that come in contact with the poisoned water.

Recycling tires can help harmful chemicals stay out of the earth, water, and air. When you are ready to get rid of your old tires, make sure they get recycled. If you get your tires replaced, ask the mechanic what they plan on doing with the old tires. Reputable mechanics and tire shops properly dispose of tires at regulated recycling facilities. Obviously someone wasn’t willing to pay the fee to dispose of these tires in the right way, and this shifts the burden to our City to pay for clean-up and disposal.

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