Sound Transit Plan for a Full-Length Bus Lane Through LFP Not A Done Deal


First, CORE supports Mass Transit, Sound Transit and Light Rail.

We don't support Sound Transit's plan to build a dedicated, northbound bus lane through the heart of our community, especially without the proper study and due diligence a project of this
magnitude would require. There was no environmental impact study performed on this project!

Our fight continues to convince Sound Transit to study proven alternatives to a dedicated northbound bus lane through the heart of Lake Forest Park as well as to demand that portions of the SEPA that deal with Noise and other critical environmental issues are reopened and to perform studies that were NEVER done!

Due to the number of self-imposed delays, it will be years before this project will actually start, and nothing can begin until ALL 110 properties in the alignment are purchased. They are currently ramping up efforts to perform appraisals prior to offers during the Holiday Season in efforts to continue the acquisition process. (We wonder why when the project is not scheduled to even start for years!)

We have found, (using Sound Transit’s own data) that proven, less costly, less devastating and effective solutions exist, and it has been proven that Sound Transit has never considered them
for Lake Forest Park! (CORE bases all statements of fact on direct information received from Sound Transit either by direct communications or Freedom of Information Requests.)

These are the Direct Impacts to Lake Forest Park and future Generations:

It will result in unprecedented damage to our community and permanently change the character of LFP.

It will cause less safe side streets as cut-through traffic increases on our neighborhood streets and by our schools.

It will cause Environmental damage, inadequately addressed by Sound Transit, including:
• Increased noise levels
• Increased stormwater runoff into our streams and Lake Washington
• The loss of as many as 400 trees along Bothell Way
• Heat islands generated by the deforestation of Bothell Way.
• Impacts to wildlife attempting to cross 522 and running into a 4,000-foot wall.
• Making Bothell Way less safe as buses travel as fast as 35 MPH, endangering cars turning onto
side streets and residents entering and exiting traffic from their driveways.
• Impacts 100+ property owners who must give up significant portions of their land, causing
reduced property values and making these owners subject to predatory Apartment
• Creates a concrete retaining wall as tall as 16 feet: running 4,000 linear feet long.

None of the other project communities (Shoreline, Seattle, Kenmore, Bothell, and Woodinville) will face anywhere near the community impacts facing Lake Forest Park. This is why we need
Citizen support as well as the support of a new City Council willing to fight for the rights of the community!

Your support of CORE's efforts has made a difference and will continue to do so, but we are not there yet. To succeed, we all need the full support of the Lake Forest Park City Council and
Mayor if we are to prevail.

This is why the single most important issue in this year’s election is Sound Transit's plan to build a dedicated, northbound bus lane through the heart of our community.

Why does your vote for Mayor and the 3 Council Seats matter so much? Because successfully challenging Sound Transit depends on a united City Council and a Mayor dedicated to convincing Sound Transit that “there is a better way”. While this is not the only topic these candidates are running on, this is the most impactful issue facing our City!

Tom French – Mayor
Lorri Bodi – City Council
Ellyn Saunders – City Council
Paula Goode – City Council

CORE is a not for profit, registered S0I(c)(4) corporation.


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Wow nearly every claim in this propaganda piece is false. From the wall length to its height to it being continuous. The fact that ST just approved the additional funding for land acquisition to the fact that acquisition is in the feet measurement on a lot not taking entire lots. And that construction is imminent!!!! Candidate Goode is being dishonest about her own financial interest being impact education due to losing some parking. Don’t believe the hype. We need better transit, safe walking routes. This is bananas.  

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