LFP Town Crier Endorses Stephanie Angelis For City Council Position 6


As noted in the 2023 Fuse Progressive Voters Guide endorsement, Stephanie is the progressive candidate for position 6, and we love her energy and enthusiasm for the key issues facing LFP. 

Here is a statement from Stephanie:

My name is Stephanie Angelis, I moved to Lake Forest Park to be surrounded by the vibrant, healthy ecosystem. With coming changes Lake Forest Park can still retain its character for decades to come. With my background in environmental sciences and community outreach programs, I am uniquely qualified to ensure our community voice is prioritized through meaningful outreach.

I am here to listen, and represent the diverse needs of all of our residents, from Ballinger to Brier, and Kenmore to Seattle. I plan to engage everyone with the goal of reaching equitable outcomes where no one feels their voice is left unheard. If I am elected for Lake Forest Park city council position 6, I will prioritize the implementation of the waterfront park.

I believe this park will invigorate our waterfront, invite residents and visitors to join together and support a thriving town center. On city council, I will advocate for a small business incubator to increase outreach to potential business owners, and help to build future revenue sources.

I would like LFP to encourage university capstone and graduate projects to capture valuable semi-professional volunteer hours. Students would be largely autonomous and require college faculty management partners; the City staff would provide resident and municipal requests for volunteer research, hard-work and documentation. These Research Projects can run multiple years if future students take up the mantle, but they often have a planned deliverable at a one-year conclusion.

I will always strive to think outside of the box and bring in outside assistance wherever possible. Vote for me to be represented by a measured, Democrat voice who will stand up for a practical future vision of Lake Forest Park. I am happy to work with my colleagues, negotiate with all parties and demonstrate a willingness to listen and continuously learn.

You can also learn more about Stephanie from her website, https://www.angelisforlfp.com

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