By Jack Tonkin, former LFP Council Member

This Monday evening (1/24), your City Council Meeting will be discussing the new ADU proposal submitted by the Planning Commission. (For those unfamiliar with ADU’s, they allow property owners to construct and rent a small dwelling on their property).

You may watch these proceedings and speak your opinions during the ZOOM meeting this evening.

Be sure to sign up and watch at 6:00 pm! Click on the following link for information about how to provide oral Citizen Comments:

To watch the ZOOM meeting, click on this link

Background Information

The Planning Commission recommendations were developed after months of effort to ensure the character of our neighborhoods would be addressed to protect issues such as privacy, parking, traffic congestion, crime, loss of tree canopy, noise, and ownership. The Planning Commission requirement for Owner Occupancy was a critical issue as it provides homeowners (not developers seeking one-time profits) an opportunity for extra income and a means to stay in place within LFP at a future date. In order to also address neighboring concerns, the dwellings cannot be rented for short-term renters but instead to provide a home lease for public citizens wishing to live in a friendly LFP neighborhood environment with a yard and caring owner.

Short-term rentals do not foster community building, alleviate the long-term housing shortage or solve the issues of affordable housing. The other advantage of owner occupancy is the property is already owned therefore the ADU can be rented at lower rates than can a developer who must first purchase the home including the land, then add his developer profit fees before the rent rate can be established. All these elements add up to provide our homeowners an opportunity to earn extra income without breaking up the wonderful character and living conditions of our community.

Speak Out, Stay Engaged. Encourage the Council to follow the recommendations of their Planning Commission

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