Letter to the Editor Regarding LFP Prop 1


We are the Neighbors for a Sustainable LFP. We are for improved parks, safe streets, and pedestrian walkways, but we are opposed to the way LFP is trying to fund the improvements with Prop 1: it Is permanent, excessive, and restrictive. Our team has been actively following the City's plans for these projects for over 4 years, researching meeting transcripts, and attending community input sessions to be as informed as possible. As a non-partisan, resident-based citizen group, we want to ensure that our City remains livable, affordable, and sustainable.

We urge you to vote NO on Prop 1 because 1) The proposed tax increase goes on FOREVER. All property owners, both residential and commercial, will be subject to the increase, 2) it raises the LFP portion of our property tax 61%—the largest tax increase in our history. This disproportionately penalizes young families and people on fixed incomes, 3) As our community's needs and priorities evolve over time, Prop 1's funds cannot be spent on emerging issues such as community services, homelessness, crime, traffic, infrastructure improvements, or climate change, 4) There is no plan—it will only be created AFTER Prop 1 has passed, with NO requirement for ANY public input or approval, and 5) Prop 1 gives City Council free reign to undertake significant projects with NO community input or approval.

There is a better way. Our City Council CAN produce a clearly identified plan—with detailed project descriptions, estimated costs, timelines, and coordination with other community priorities. Our citizens can then provide input and approval of project priorities and appropriate costs. Please vote NO. Our goal is to encourage, support, and promote the most responsible and effective decisions to improve parks and road safety for Lake Forest Park citizens. Please see www.abetterwaylfp.org for additional information.

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