The City of Lake Forest Park 60th Anniversary: Historical Reflections Saturday, July 24, 2021

Howdy Mike Dee here,Hi Lake Forest Park Citizen's Commission, Neighbors, and others,
Happy Anniversary, & Happy Birthday, to the City of Lake Forest Park that turned 60 years old (on June 20th),So it's a belated Birthday, it was too hot to do it then probably anyway.
I was asked to send this out, so I am.
The Lake Forest Park Citizen's Commission has been waiting for years to push a 60th Anniversary Celebration or Event,so I guess this is our chance.
Thanks,Mike Dee out
P.S.This is an Event Organized by the Third Place Commons (TPC), and the Shoreline Historical Museum.Featuring Historian or (Her-story-ian) Vicki Stiles Director of the Shoreline (& Lake Forest Park) Historical (& Her-story-ical) Museum, and Heritage (& His-i-tage) Center in Shoreline.It is a Virtual Event, they will be using the Zoom Meeting Platform.Registering for the Event will give you access to the Zoom meeting link.
P.P.S.In case you missed the 50th Anniversary in 2011, Here is a link to a city webpage about that:

In 2036, it will be the City's 75th Anniversary, and they will open the Time Capsule from the 25th Anniversary.

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