LFP Voters Mobilizing To Quash Permanent 40% Property Tax Increase

Howdy Mike Dee here,
Hi Lake Forest Park Citizens Commission, Voting Public, and Others,
This first event is a: Lake Forest Park -Voter- Focused Event:
The Lake Forest Park Citizen's Commission is holding a Virtual Meeting (via Google Meet), to help get Information Out, Listen to the Community, and Hear the Feedback.
LFP Cit. Comm. -Community Information, Listening, and Feedback Session
Wednesday, July 21 · 7:00 – 8:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/djk-ycrq-zuu

We are basically asking the Lake Forest Park (LFP) Registered Voters: "Should the Lake Forest Park City Council- Vote (this Thursday, July 22nd, at their Regular Business Meeting-7p.m.),to Put a Single Year*, Levy Lid Lift, Permanent Tax Base Increase, on the November 2nd, 2021, General / Special -Election Ballot ?"*{Plus 5 years of some other small increases related to the Tax Base, and the Levy Lid Lift.} This event is designed to get additional Information to the Community regarding the Proposed Single Year, Levy Lid Lift, that Raises the Base Tax Rate Permanently.Also, to Listen to the Community and get their thoughts, and Feedback.Lastly, see if someone wants to present the information from the meeting to the LFP City Council.
We have invited the Lake Forest Park City Administration, City Staff, and City Council to Participate & Present at this event.
We are not requiring any Pre-Registration.People are welcome to show up when they like, or can, and leave when they like, or need to, and return, anytime.
This Event is Free, Open to the Public, and designed to give the Community a chance to have a deeper discussion about the information presented to the Citizens / Voters.Also, a chance to ask questions, get answers, and let the City Council know how they should Vote on Thursday night.
Agenda: (Virtual Google Meet Event: 7:00-8:30p.m.) 6:45p.m. - Audio & Video - Last minute Checks 7:00p.m. - Meeting starts, Agenda Overview, Brief Introduction of the Lake Forest Park Citizen's Commission, & Introduction of tonight's Meeting / Event Format7:05p.m. - Introduction of Elected Officials, Administration, and Staff (& their capacity at the meeting - Personal or City Representative)7:10p.m. - Offer the City of Lake Forest Park Administration, Staff, and City Council: a chance to Present the Issue of the Proposed Ballot Measure ? - We will introduce those who applied for Pro & Con Committees (to also be Voted & Approved at Thursday City Council Meeting), and Contact Info: ? - Any Pre- Pro or Con Committee Nominee Comments ? - Open the floor for Community Information, Listening Opportunity, and Feedback ? - Questions and Answers ? - Summary of the night, the collected Feedback ? - Who wants to Present to the LFP City Council at the Meeting on Thursday8:25p.m - Thank You to Everyone for attending, participating, and we encourage you to Vote 8:30p.m - Meeting Ends, but people are welcome to hang out, and continue discussion if they like, Reminder of the 2 Upcoming Virtual Events Thanks,Mike Dee out
P.S.We have two other events coming up that are involving the Shoreline, Kenmore, and Lake Forest Park Registered Voters.
Lake Forest Park Citizen's Commission:Voter's Candidate Forum #1 of 2, Primary - Northshore Fire District Commissioners
Thursday, July 29 · 7:00 – 8:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/iuf-cnmo-qty

This is a Voter's Candidate Forum to meet the Candidates in the Primary,

and those running for General Election in the Northshore Fire District Races.

We will also invite the Lake Forest Park Water District Commissioner running Unopposed

in Position #3 to introduce themselves.

This Event is Free, Open to the Public, & people are welcome to come and go as they wish.

We plan to have the Candidates Introduce themselves, talk a little bit about their Campaign,

and be prepared to Take Questions, and give Answers to the Public.

This will be a participatory event, similar to the Event we had on the Proposed Woodinville / Northshore Fire District Merger.

This event will take place weeks after the Primary Ballots have gone out, so if you don't know who you want to Vote for yet, maybe wait till after this event to send in your Ballot.

Ballots are Due August 3rd, for the Primary Election.

The 2nd Event:Lake Forest Park Citizen's Commission:Voter's Candidate Forum #2 of 2 - Pre-Primary Event for General Election Candidates
Monday, August 2 · 7:00 – 8:30pm
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/riy-bhjn-ppv

Hi Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, and Shoreline Communities,

This is a Voter's Candidate Forum to meet the Candidates running for office in the General Election.

This will be an opportunity to meet the candidates, give them a chance to introduce their campaigns, and for them to take some questions, and give some answers to the Public.

This Event is Free, Open to the Public, as always, People are welcome to come and go as they wish, and need.

We expect to have an opportunity for the Public to ask some questions to the Candidates.

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