Local Business Spotlight - Glacial Cryotherapy


Recently, I got a chance to speak with my friends at Glacial Cryotherapy and get an update on their business:

What did you guys do before starting Glacial Cryotherapy?

Prior to opening GC, I (Kathy) held senior executive positions in the high-tech industry and Nicolle was a fitness instructor. We met when our children were in school together and we became fast friends.

What motivated you to start your business?

I had always had an interest in alternative natural therapies. Especially as they relate to athletic recovery. We are both active people, hiking, biking, dancing, etc.. and I had been researching Cold and Hot therapy for years. On a trip to California, I was introduced to Whole Body Cryotherapy and it was a real game-changer. Nicolle mentioned the aches and pains from her fitness training and I encouraged her to try it. After a couple of sessions, she was sold too! We both became avid users of the service.

Initially, something like Whole Body Cryo was primarily only available to professional athletes or wealthy individuals. I really wanted to provide everyone who is active access to the benefits of our therapies. I mentioned my interest in opening a business to Nicolle and she too was really interested in the potential of opening a business like ours!

When did you open your doors?

August 2018! We started the planning and building of the business in February 2018. It was a family and friends effort to get the business off the ground. Many times we are asked if we purchased a franchise but nope, we proudly built it ourselves from the ground up.

Is there anything you would've done differently knowing what you know now?

Definitely, more marketing from the get-go. We started with word of mouth advertising but once we started ramping up our marketing efforts the business really started to take off.

How has Covid affected your business?

We were forced to close in March 2020. Many of the teams we provide services to stopped practicing so they were no longer coming in.

While we were closed we completely reconfigured the business to allow for better social distancing. We modified our protocols to a “no-touch” system. We’ve been able to reopen however we have had to reduce our hours.

What type of Covid precautions are you undertaking?

We take our Covid precautions very seriously. Masks are required. We take everyone’s temp when they come in. We have signage requesting customers wait outside if someone is already in the lobby. We purchased a new filtration device. And we do extensive cleaning all day every day.

What is the main misconception about what you do?

That our services are only for Professional Athletes.- although that’s a large part of our business - Our services benefit anyone who is active.

What's been your biggest influence or motivator (book, person, etc)?

From the “concept” of the business perspective, Wim Hof is the most well-known proponent. We’ve both followed him for some time and more recently have been following David Sinclair and also David Asprey. They have really raised the awareness of the lifelong benefits of Cryo and also our other services such as our Infrared Sauna and Light Therapy.

What would you like people to know about what you do?

That it works! It’s cumulative so you need to do it consistently to achieve continued benefits.

Do you utilize your own services? If so, which one's and why?

For sure! All of them. It’s hard to describe how good you start to feel after consistent cryo sessions. Besides helping with muscle soreness, cryo burns calories and stimulates brown fat production, (the good fat!). It releases norepinephrine which provides a natural happiness boost. We both benefit in different ways for things such as insomnia and anxiety.

You also experience similar results after a sauna session and the compression therapy feels like a super deep tissue massage.

Thanks for supporting our community with a valueable service, I know my wife is a regular!

For more information or scheduling, please visit their website HERE

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