LFP City Council candidate signs pulled and dumped in her driveway


Sometime between 12 midnight and 4 AM many of city council candidate Ellyn Saunders' campaign signs were illegally removed and dumped in her driveway. The perpetrator(s) also stole the wire stakes the signs were on. And according to the law, they committed 17 violations (one for each sign). This appears to be a targeted attack and its been reported to LFP Police.

Any type of election interference should be vehemently repulsed. If you'd like to take action by posting a sign for Ellyn Saunders, please visit https://ellyn4lfpcity.com/

The City of LFP posted this reminder to their website:

Campaign Season Reminder – Rules for Political Signs

During this campaign season, the City would like to remind the community about the rules for political signs:

Political signs may be placed on public rights-of-way or on private property with permission of the owner. However, they must be situated in such a way as to not create a traffic or safety hazard. All political signs must be removed within five days following the election.

According to RCW 29A.84.040, “A person who removes or defaces lawfully placed political advertising including yard signs or billboards without authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable to the same extent as a misdemeanor that is punishable under RCW 9A.20.021. The defacement or removal of each item constitutes a separate violation.”

The LFP Police Department patrol officers are aware of these regulations and are keeping an eye out for violators.

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