Local Student Advocating Environmentally Friendly Lawns


Morgan Owens working to help the environment

Lakeside High School class of 2021 graduate Morgan Owens is spending her summer following her passion for improving the environment by interning for the nonprofit Ocean River Institute (ORI). 

Morgan will be using soil science to help improve grass health and combat climate change and advocating for environmentally friendly lawn management practices by educating community groups, local governments, and neighbors and educating them. She will also work with local universities to improve groundwater storage and manage healthy soils. 

Morgan is majoring in Environmental Studies at Tufts University and always loved the natural world and the environment. She grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, hiking, camping, backpacking, and cross-country skiing, which gave her a passion for caring for the environment. 

Morgan mentioned that healthy lawns don't need fertilizer and is helping get the word out to the public by engaging people at farmer markets, etc. Despite what chemical companies would like you to believe, Morgan states, "Many chemicals can kill off a lot of microorganisms in the soil, which then contaminates runoff."  She says, "If you mow your lawn less often and at a higher setting, it allows for wildflowers and other growth that supports important pollinators."

"Healthy soil stores a ton of carbon which is good for climate change which also slows runoff, helping with drought resistance."

It's great to see the next generation trying to affect climate change since those in power are doing so little. 

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