LFP Councilmember John Wright's Letter to the Editor


October 6, 2021

To the Editor,

I have heard claims that Lake Forest Park Proposition 1 had the unanimous support in its current form by all members of the Lake Forest Park City Council. I’m writing to you today to set the record straight.

While I support the intent of Proposition 1, I have serious concerns about the perpetual nature of the proposed tax. I believe that ensuring citizens regular reviews of spending programs of ANY type are a fundamental responsibility of representative Democracy that should never be abdicated by voters. The electorate should always have the ability to re-authorize spending if they feel that their money is being well spent, or allow it to sunset if they feel that they are not getting good value. By authorizing a tax that never ends and never needs reauthorization, the voters are giving up their authority and responsibility – essentially their ‘say’ in how things are done, and once that happens your government can do whatever it pleases regardless of what voters want.

For this reason, I would not have supported the current LFP Proposition 1 ballot measure.

During the meeting where the measure was authorized for the ballot, I was traveling and unable to connect and participate in the meeting or have an opportunity to vote. While it may have received unanimous support from those councilmembers present at the meeting, it did not have unanimous support among all Councilmembers. I support the idea, but I believe that there’s a better way with a tax that sunsets and needs to be reauthorized at least every 8 years.

Very respectfully,

John Wright


Lake Forest Park City Council

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