Mariners Offer Exclusive Seating, $10 Tickets For Vaccinated Fans


New guidance means outdoor venues like T-Mobile Park can open vaccinated-only seating section. (Shutterstock / Jaden Roberson)

SEATTLE — Mariners fans who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine are being invited to take advantage of some new perks, including cheaper tickets and discounted merch and food.

According to the team's announcement Friday, Mariner's fans who have been fully vaccinated can now buy tickets starting at $10 a pop. They'll also qualify for other deals including:

  • A 20 percent discount on food, and beverages.
  • A 20 percent discount at the Mariners Team Store.
  • A free 'SEA Us Rise' Mariners T-Shirt.

The move follows new guidance from the state, which allows sporting venues to further expand their max capacity by setting up "vaccinated sections" — seating only available to people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. At outdoor facilities like T-Mobile Park, venues can add vaccinated sections until their total capacity reaches 50 percent of the maximum, or 22,000 people, whichever is lower.

The Mariners are taking advantage of that guidance, and will be seating vaccinated fans in a new fully vaccinated section. Unlike the unvaccinated section, where fans are isolated into socially-distanced pods, the new section offers the classic ballpark experience of regular, full-capacity seating with no distancing required. Vaccinated fans will also be allowed exclusive access to the T-Mobile 'Pen and Trident Deck — a whole concourse of restaurants, concessions, stores and restrooms that will not require social distancing. However, they will still be asked to wear facial coverings while not eating or drinking, even if fully vaccinated.

To take advantage of the fully vaccinated seating, all fans have to do is present a CDC-issued COVID-19 vaccination card, or other proof of vaccination, showing they got their last dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least two weeks before game day.

Guests age 2 - 15, who aren't old enough to get the vaccine, can still use the new fully vaccinated section. They'll just have to bring proof they took a COVID-19 test which came back negative within the last three days, or an antigen test within the previous 24 hours.

The team will be offering the fully vaccinated perks through at least June 2nd.

The vaccination perks are part of a broader push across the state to incentivize more Washingtonians to get vaccinated and push back against vaccine hesitancy.

>> Learn more about vaccinated fan sections on the Seattle Mariners website.

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